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This 100% Pure Cacao Paste comes from the heart of our farming communities in PNG. We have been on the ground and have activated the trees and the farming communities who have never had their own Cacao(depsite having farmed it for over 100years). The beans are brought into Port Moresby and crafted to our unique blend at the Queen Emma factory, with whom we spend considerable time ensuring every step is cared for. The team at the factory are truly our whanua. The paste then travels to Aotearoa over 4 weeks and when arrives via Lyttelron to us, it is stored with us onsite at our Cacao Embassy. This paste has incredible depth, provides support, grounding and inner strength and holds the open heart frequency of all our Cacao. It comes in 15 g peices so that it is convient for your lifestyle. This paste is our first expansion beyond the Solomons and we are excited for you to try it..It is truly fresh which is important in the medicine of Cacao as the beans are under 60 days old when the paste is crafted and it is a short shipping time. Alongside this - this is the most local Cacao to Aotearoa and the recipe comes from Oonaghs 18 years of experience and deep listening with Cacao. This Cacao Paste is truly for the modern Mind Body and Heart...

1kg PNG Pure 100% Cacao Paste


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