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Enjoy our Pure Cacao paste in an introductory bag of 300gs.


This paste is made from Pacific Cacao to bring the most beautiful authentic Cacao expereince and support possible.


The beans used are under 60 days old, which is rare in any chocolate or Cacao paste and are at their freshest and optimal potency. The beans are gently roasted, cracked and the husks removed and then ground in stone melangeurs for 24 hours. Every step is done gently and consciously to optimise the power of the Cacao. Once the paste is smooth enough, it is allowed to set naturally.


This paste is not tempered, and therefore the molecules are open, and the power and properties release immediately in your drink. This is how we prepare it in the villages. Tempered chocolate would melt in the tropics, untempered chocolate is robust and does not melt and can be enjoyed by the villagers, as Cacao was for thousands of years!

Instead of the stone melangeurs however, the villagers hand pound the beans in a large wooden pestal and mortar (after roasting the beans over the open fire). They, just like you with your support, are learning how to enjoy their own cacao paste, in a daily sacred way, for the first time!


Oonagh holds the growing of the Cacao trees, the farming communities, the crafting, the shipping and the storage with full connection so that the power and medicine in this paste is as activated as possible. This work goes deep and wide and is fully transparent, which is so important in 100% Cacao Paste.


This is a daily sacred Cacao paste, crafted with the wisdom of Cacao to create for you a Cacao Paste for daily enjoyment. Daily because you are sacred and this is your invitation to be able to enjoy the power and medicine of Mama Cacao daily.


Recommended dosage is 30gsWith this paste, the farmers get paid a real price, as do all in the crafting of it.

This Cacao is crafted also with the widsom of a Master Chocolatier, so it's so so accessible to your body whilst being extraordinarily potent!


Enjoy this activated Divine Cacao Paste crafted for you!

300gs of 100% Pure Pacific Cacao Paste.


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