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The Cacao Ambassador’s Ceremonial Cacao

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In essence all the Cacao products available through the Cacao Ambassador are Ceremonial Cacao, in their frequency, honour and acknowledgement of Cacao. These are sourced through Cathliro of the Solomon Islands, where we work hand in hand with 6 growing villages and over 170 farmers, mainly women. 

We believe ceremonial Cacao must include the following which has also come from Oonagh’s devoted work with Cacao over the past 8 years and communing with Mama Cacao through the Cacao trees, being the Cacao Whisperer she is…

Please do know that there are many different takes on what is Ceremonial Cacao, and more then anything you have to trust yourself, and follow what you are drawn to. Cacao is for Empowerment, Awakening, Courage and Joy for your life to open in amazing ways. She wants you to lean into her, and have her in your life as a daily practice for support, healing and nourishment. Your draw is imperative in all of this. So trust yourself and choose where you heart leads you, especially in Cacao.  

Our Ceremonial Cacao:

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1)Is of deep respect to Cacao, and we believe that any the brand/company providing Ceremonial cacao must have a profound connection with Cacao, and can hold the space of the true frequency of the plant, so her medicine is acknowledged. That this is first over profit and any kind of commercialism. Our only intention is to be of service to Her, to give her medicine true voice, and provide the most powerful conscious cacao possible to those drawn. Oonagh holds that space in The Cacao Ambassador, in her deep communion as a Cacao Whisperer. It has taken her many years to own the mission Mama Cacao set for her, first when she was self healing with Cacao in Samoa, and then spending time with Cacao in Peru. She now owns and acknowledges her connection to Cacao, which is ancient, deep, powerful and real, and holds that space for all Cacao that comes through the energetic doors of the Cacao Ambassador.

2)Is cared for every EVERY step along the way before it reaches you. This is not just fair trade or other symbols, but real on the ground connection from the flower, to the pod to the tree to the farmer, to the village, to the shipper, to the crafter. Where every step is done consciously for the highest outcome, for Cacao to be vibrating with Love, Care, Awareness, Consciousness and every step possible taken for her to be active and everyone involved along the way fully cared for.

The Cacao Ambassador, as shared above, works with Cathliro in the Solomon Islands, working with 6 villages with over 170 farmers in our care. Most of the farms were left unattended due to the lack of transport to get the fruit and seeds to the local aggregators. Diana of Cathliro now journeys weekly to gather the wet beans from the farms, paying the farmers directly and changes lives in the process. She then ferments and sun dries the beans, with the mentoring of Oonagh, to the highest standard at her central location in Honiara. From here the beans are gently roasted, hand cracked, the husk removed and the pieces, called the nib, ground into cacao paste and allow to set naturally(untempered). Now it is just a short 2 week journey by ship to NZ, where The Cacao Ambassador holds the space for the paste, activates it further through our profound love for Cacao and Her purpose in the world, and makes it available to you. This is also where Oonagh's 15 years as a Master Chocolatier comes into alignment. She worked on the ground for over a year(visiting 4 times before Covid), to help Cathliro set up a small chocolate production facility in Honiara, and trained four amazing women to become the first Chocolatiers in the Solomon Islands who now make your paste coinsciously. Some of the paste is available to you as the Pure Solomon Paste and some is further activated by Oonagh here in NZ, by infusing other plant medicines and magic to bring different experiences. all kinds of ways, daily, for a joyful life.

3) Is grown as naturally as possibly which includes shade grown and unsprayed. As She grows, she is surrounded by all the natural ingredients of the environment such as coconut trees, tarro, pineapples, knarly nuts and more. If there is not enough shade, the trees are stressed and the beans become acidic and find it difficult to produce medicinal Cacao. This is shade grown Cacao, in the most natural of environments.

4) Has clear intention for the purpose of the beans and we are in communion with the cacao as it grows to serve that intention. Through this level of communion and connection, Cacao responds immediately. Oonagh has experienced, having been in Peru, standing on the land in the Solomon Islands, and the genetic code of Peru download through her to all the Cacao trees. The tree’s all took a breath and whispered ‘we remember’, and in this moment, Oonagh shared with them the purpose of her work, to bring Cacao as medicine of the highest most powerful frequency to New Zealanders. The trees responded instantly. And on her next visit the seeds being produced in the pods, had changed from dark purple to pale purple and some even to white. Some say that the variety is important in Ceremonial Cacao, but Mama Cacao can in an instant change the variety of any tree, and even the one tree grow different varieties. What is important is the communion with her and her being clear in her purpose, and she will create Cacao for this purpose. Nature is not like humans and works on an entirely different energetic plane, and so even here in NZ Oonagh can commune with the trees in the Solomons and share the journey and what is asked of them. They love the communion. 

5) Is in balance, as an important aspect of Cacao is balance. She is naturally in balance for example within the bean is 50%  Cacao Butter and 50% Cacao powder. Every step must be balanced in true care. Unfortunately where most Cacao is grown, the farmer and their family do not consume their own cacao. In order for it to be in true balance the farmer too must enjoy their own Cacao. So each enjoys some at home and some prepared for you.

In the Solomon Islands we have a program working with the women in the villages, training them how to use cacao on a daily basis. They too use the paste to make local drinking chocolate and also use it in local dishes, enriching their body, mind and spirit with her medicine. This is in balance so you can drink her knowing that it too is enriching the lives of those who grow her.

 6) Is of optimal Freshness. The Cacao Bean is at its optimal, according to the Shaman of Peru that Oonagh connects with, within 30 days. Our Ceremonial Cacao Paste from Cathliro, is hand made with beans only weeks from being fermented and sun dried.

 7) Is Creative and Evolutionary. Cacao wants her ceremonial paste to be modern and for these times and so the Cacao Ambassador builds on Oonagh’s 15 years of creative chocolate genius, and is continually evolving whether it to be to add additional cacao butter for different impacts or to deep listening to Mama Cacao’s draw to other native plants, to how the beans are fermented, and how the paste is to be conched. Becasue this is all hand done, we can adjsut quickly and respond to what si called for next and so this Ceremonial paste is continually in an evolutionary process as is humanity. We have to stay at the cutting edge of what Mama Cacao is calling for and our own evolution. It is imperative that we too are constantly growing on every level, to hold the true space. 

8) Is stress free. It is essential that we put the beans under as least stress as possible before making the Ceremonial paste. This is part of the reason why they are brought from the farms still with their fruit, as they journey better in this way, and then are carefully fermented and sun dried in Honiara. The beans are not shocked in any way. Once sun dried, they are literally hand carried from the Solar dryer in sacks to the small chocolate factory, where the paste is made with small gentle machinery and by hand. 

9) Is untempered as the ancients never tempered Her. Tempering chocolate was designed in Europe to make her look pretty. Untempered means She is open and after some time may look dull and crumbly, but She is actually in her full beauty. Once melted She will release her flavour and potency immediately. Being open, means She can be of the highest frequency but also absorb energetics not needed and so we protect her as much as possible, by being involved, in the care in every step to allow her to be so open and vunerable. 

10) Supports locally on the ground of origin as much as possible. So the value adding of turning the Ceremonial Beans into the Ceremonial paste is done locally so the income for this stays local. It’s a fundamental part of the high frequency in the paste. Crafting her, as close to the source as possible as was done for thousands of years..

11) Is transparent! Anything you wish to know is available, whether it be the price we pay the farmers, to every step along the way and nothing is done for profit, rather deep listening. The endeavour is for balance, the highest frequency, health and abundance in the truest way to be know through each step right to you as the enjoyer. Where the farmer is paid a true price, support is reinvested back locally, into the villages for sustainable growth and empowerment, and you pay a fair and true price. There is no marketing twist in the communication or distortion of any kind.

12) Is served by all within the Cacao Ambassador with open hearts, Awareness of her power and in total devotion to her, her medicine and her voice. All who participate once She reaches NZ, have been transformed in their own lives through Cacao and use of her on a daily basis. There is reverence, connection, honour and humility in working with her. Even more there is total devotion to her as a medicine, a way of life, a support for deep listening, for courage and for profound connection to our higher self.

Ultimately we have to do the work but Cacao is one of the most profound support tools available. And She wants this. She wants us to use her daily. She does not want to be used for commercialism, but true support for all hands she passes through and for as many as possible to know of her power and potency and to understand how to use her in all kinds of ways, daily, for a joyful life.

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