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Meet Some of Our Solomon Community

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An amazing inspiring local Cacao farmer, who started her plantation in her 60’s so she would have funds for sugar and tea and now she is an inspiration to all other Cacao Farmers of the region.


One day Diana came to buy flowers from this lady she heard about and immediately saw the potential if Grace and supposed Grace to trust her innate skills as a Cocoa farmers.

Grace has now set up cacao tours, makes her own local Cacao products and has a profound connection with her trees. They listen to her and over the last two years have started to produce the most beautiful pure fine cacao fruit. Grace also is an inspiration in how she uses cacao as a savoury ingredient! Being on Graces farm is truly healing and we hope to organise Cacao retreats here one day very soon! 
Enjoy the video of Grace speaking to the women of the Solomons.

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Theresa inspires in how to bring a community together and how to work in caring for a community. Her farm was almost derelict as she had no way of getting the wet Cacao from her family farm to Honiara. Transport is not common from remote villages. And then Diana came, every second week to but the beans and Theresa immediately recognised the gift of this and had rehabilitated her farm and is even expanding it.

With the help of Diana and The Cacao Ambassador, Theresa is also learning new skills in Cacao farming and the craft of using her own Cacao in her family home. Now her whole family have returned to being Cacao farmers.

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Beautiful Delo was one of the first Chocolatiers in the Solomons. Trained by Oonagh she took to the art of chocolate crafting as second nature.


Her smile is contagious and her commitment to being present in the true care of the Cacao beans and turning them into Cacao paste and chocolate is total. 

It was extraordinary to watch Delo transform in her confidence and trust when working with Cacao. It is in Delo’s care that ensures the magic and potency in the 100% Solomon paste is maintained. The magic of Cacao opened new doors for her. We are so looking forward to spending more time with Delo when we return to Honiara.



Joyce has worked with Diana for many years and now takes care of visiting the farmers weekly and buying their wet beans, and then ensuring the fermentation and sun drying is to the highest standards.

Joyce holds years of Cacao knowledge and is learning to trust it and in that she supports the farmers to trust their and produce beautiful Cacao that she ensures is fermented and sun-dried to the highest standard possible.

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