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Cacao Emissaries 

Are individuals who have gone through The Cacao Ambassador Emissary program and are qualified by Oonagh in their knowledge and representation of Cacao out in the world.


The program provides the Emissary with a strong confident inspirational ground in all things Cacao and Chocolate, and sets them on a new path in their life that may or may not grow into becoming a Cacao Ambassador, rather in a new way of Being with Cacao and in sharing Her power!

Perhaps take a moment and answer some of these questions:

  • Have you a love of Cacao or chocolate and a draw to understand more?

  • Do you use Cacao in your daily life or would like to use Her in your daily life from a place of a deeper connection and understanding?

  • Do you hold Cacao Ceremonies or would like to as part of your practice?

  • Do you love to eat chocolate but feel a little guilty?

  • Would you like to be an authentic voice for Cacao on your journey through life. 

  • Have you the knowing of a deep call to understand Cacao - her history, the part chocolate plays, the farmers lives, the magic and mystery that draws you?

  • Do you know on some level that this Divine Feminine plant is a Game changer for humanity?

  • You would love to be part of a Cacao community held authentically, so your love and connection to cacao continually grows and you are continually nourished deeply by Her in new ways…

If any of this resonates then you may be being called to become a Cacao Emissary…

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