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We wholesale the following products:


  • Cacao Butter(Cocoa Butter), non deodorised, from Queen Emma PNG

  • Cacao Powder(Cocoa Powder), with a fat content of 19% Cacao Butter, from Queen Emma, PNG

  • Cacao Beans from 6 villages of Guadalcanal, Solomons, & from Amazing Grace's farms Solomon

  • Cacao Beans from Manabu Plantation PNG, and more single origins to follow from PNG

  • 100% Stone ground Ceremonial Cacao Paste

  • Batch roasted Cacao Nibs, crafted in Honiara

  • Fresh Vanilla pods from PNG


These are all naturally organic but uncertified as that would be an impossibility at this point for the Solomon Islands and PNG. All photos are taken with the farmers and team who produce this Cacao.

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The products –

Have you ever wondered more about where and who grows and makes Cacao powder, butter and nibs? Have you ever wondered if certified organic and fair-trade is enough? Have you ever wondered who are the faces behind the amazing Cacao and all the ways it can be enjoyed?

The Cacao Ambassador is going further then any other company in direct trade, on the ground training and care for the Cacao communities whose beans are used in all of the above products. Core to this is the long term vision for thriving Cacao Communities.


If you would like to purchase our Cacao wholesale please reach out for our price list and also we can provide imagery and so much more information on the sourcing.

Please do check out our projects that will give more details on the work we are

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