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A Cacao & Chocolate Lovers Evening of Exploration at home!

For all Lovers, and Lovers of Chocolate! A Valentines day invitation for you, your Lover and your Love of Chocolate to have an evening together, like no other in your own space!

Two people touching each others face

Introducing the recipe for 'A Cacao & Chocolate Lovers Evening of Exploration at home!'

This is the perfect way to spend Valentines evening either with your Lover, or with your Love of Chocolate and yourself.

You will need:

(We have all of this ready for you in our Chocolate Mindfulness kit in our online shop!)

  • Four types of Chocolate from cheap to expensive

  • Two beautiful cups

  • A Journal

And if you would like a Chocolate Fondue finale to finish with then also purchase:

  • Three kinds of cheeses

  • Crackers

  • Two types of fruit

  • Salted pretzels

  • Peppered salami (optional)

  • Avocado

  • Chocolate for melting (at least 200gs of 70% dark)

Start your evening together, and again this can be your evening with chocolate and yourself or with together your Lover, by making a Divine Cacao Brew that is designed to open your heart and senses. (The recipe is in our blog called 'Ceremonial Cacao Brew Recipe'.)

Face each other and hold the cup of Cacao close to your heart! Breath in the aroma and enjoy the warmth in your hands! Now have a sip together or feed each other the brew, and just enjoy the warm loving sensation as the Cacao journeys through you!

Have a journal and write what you love about cacao or what you love about your Lover. Keep it a secret for now! But more then anything just follow what feels right and free together!

Now enter the kitchen and have some Cacao fun play time together!

At this point you will need to read this blog together 'How to create chocolate and Cacao Products at Home' and start to have some fun.

Roast at least 100 beans on the pan (all covered in the blog). When the beans are ready, peel them and put the husks aside for Cacao tea, eat at least 10 each of the warm peeled beans, and save 20 for the fondue platter. Put the rest in a spice grinder/blender. Blend until liquid and as smooth as possible.

Now is the fun part, give each other a facial with the warm cacao face mask paste! Gently rub it in and leave for 20 minutes.

Whilst the face mask is doing its work, read each other what you wrote in your journal about what you love about your Lover. Remember all of this can be done with just you and your Love of Cacao & Chocolate!

After 20 minutes wash off the mask with warm water - you both will be glowing!

Chocolate time!

Brew up a pot of cacao husk tea from the shells you removed from the beans (1 tbsp of shells to 250 mls of water).

Break open the selection of chocolate you have pre- purchased and number them.

Now feed each other the chocolate, not telling each other which one it is - just the number.

Ask each other what you think of each chocolate, the feel in your mouth, the flavours, the after taste! And then ask each other to pick a favourite.

Now fully enjoy your favourite with the Cacao Husk tea! Allowing the tea to melt the chocolate in your mouth! Don't hold back! Enjoy as much as you would like!! No RULES!!

Return to your journals and write more about what you love about chocolate and your Lover and how you feel and how playing with Cacao & chocolate in all the different ways possible has effected you!


The Chocolate Fondue!

Make the platter together, melting the chocolate you purchased for this in a bowl over a pot of steaming water. Prepare the fruit and cheese and arrange on a nice plate. Sprinkle the left over Cacao beans, and then drizzle the melted chocolate over everything!!! Now its fully on!!! Chocolate with foods perhaps for the first time! Don't hold back, this is jumping over the edges with chocolate and perhaps some edges within yourself! This is LOVE, this is CACAO and CHOCOLATE LOVE and this is the LOVE you have with your LOVE


And to finish the evening, become familiar with Cacao butter! Firstly allow some to melt in your hands, and smell the fragrance then massage your Lovers hands or feet or wherever your journey takes you, and the rest of the evening is in your hands.

Two people touching each others face

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