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These beans have been sourced directly from the Cacao farming villages of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands. The Cacao Ambassador works directly with Cathliro, who visit the farmers weekly in their remote villages, purchase the wet beans onsite and then ferments and sun dries to ensure the optional flavour and health properties are maintained in the process. It is possible to eat these cacao beans at this stage as they have been tested and of course they can be turned into roasted peeled beans, nibs, cacao husk tea, Cacao paste and even chocolate at home. 

Join a Cacao workshop and discover how to enjoy the Cacao Bean in many forms throughout the day.

They are presented in the traditional Cacao Resin Sack which is how we recieve the beans into NZ. The idea is for you to be able to carry the beans around with you through the day, enjoying their power and frequency.


Sun Dried Cacao Beans in a Cacao Sack


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