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Cacao Ambassadors & Emissaries

An essential part of The Cacao Ambassador is not to work alone, but to connect, inspire and collaborate with like minded and hearted Beings. To work together for the possibility of making real change in the cacao industry and in sharing the power and benefits of enjoying cacao on a daily basis with as many Beings as possible.

We have created a way for this through:


Our Ambassadors

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Diana Yates

Diana was born on the Solomon Island of Isobel and grew up there amongst Cacao Trees, and had a desire to make local cacao products. She started the Company Cathliro (The combined names of her four children). One day she heard there was a lady from NZ visiting who was a chocolate expert and she made a bee line to meet her.

The rest is a Cacao and chocolate love affair between Diana and Oonagh. In that first trip they spent most evenings together exploring what could be possible and Oonagh sharing knowledge on how Diana could begin and then Oonagh supported Diana to gain the support of Strongim Bisnis an Australian Aid organisation on the ground in Honiara for funding to set up a small chocolate making factory and to upgrade the fermentary and sun drying.  And now together they weave a new story for the Solomon farmers, Solomon Cacao and Cacao and chocolate locally on the ground in the Solomons and imported here into NZ. As soon as Covid allows, Oonagh will be back on the ground in the Solomons, supporting Diana and the work with her beautiful Cacao farmers.

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Dean Campbell

Dean has had a vast and diverse background from engineer, mechanic, entrepreneur, business owner, metal Artist, retail shop owner, band manager and more!


With his current venture flowering, the beautiful Spiral store in Nelson, Dean knew something big and new was coming his way.

He found himself becoming activated through the most wonderful
introductions to Cacao at one of Oonagh's Cacao Mindfulness workshops.​ Dean started to use Cacao daily and unearthed a part of himself hidden for years, maybe lifetimes.

"I find the path of Mamma Cacao Loving, nurturing, energetically full and opening. Her subtle hints guide me. From this place, I am inspired to serve Cacao and Community. I am inspired to assist in bringing her forward in all her magic and beauty, as the healer she is, to show the capacity she has to nourish and fulfil her mission on Earth, as a daily staple in the hearts and minds of us all. I am honoured in My connection to Mamma cacao and for this Journey with The Cacao Ambassador, and having this potent Cacao in our crystal store called Spiral in Nelson.

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Irma Schutte

When Oonagh and Irma connected at a Cacao event, it was Cacao love at first sight! It was like two long lost sisters had refound their connection in the love and magic of Cacao as a medicine and a support in life.
Irma is a qualified homeopath and like Oonagh, she has navigated transformative times with the support of Cacao. Over the last five years the call grew stronger and stronger to work with Cacao and she created the beautiful company called Mamamuti. Attending one of Irma’s Cacao workshops, is truly a wonderful inspiration and eduicational experience.
Irma truly is a Cacao Ambassador, and Oonagh and Irma are showing what’s possible in serving one love, Cacao, together whilst running two different enterprises as they brainstorm and weave new magic for the coming times through Cacao for New Zealand. Watch this space for an amazing project they are working on.
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Brownyn O'Hara

From an early age, Bronwyn had a healthy appreciation for the art of the handcrafted and was curious to understand what it takes to make something beautiful, delectable, and beneficial.

Along with a touch of social anthropology and stints of awe-inspiring travel, her admiration for, and understanding of indigenous cultures grew, and she found what enriched and fed her mind and soul.

Her love of art, culture and science melded and it all merged into one incredible surprising funnel, cacao and chocolate, with the emergence of MALVA Chocolate, a company driven by a social mission to Illuminate the magnificence of nature and the ancient origins of chocolate. A real turning point in gaining a deep appreciation of the power of the cacao came in 2019 when on she attended Oonagh’s 6 day Cacao Retreat in Samoa.

"I am now honoured to support the work of The Cacao Ambassador, providing cacao to my community, and the source of my main ingredient in Malva chocolate, It’s a radically transparent, healthy, and happy pathway. To all of Taranaki, Cacao and I are here for you!

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Giulia Mattioli

From a young age, growing up in Italy, Giulia always had a love affair with Cacao, but never fully understood why, as everyone around her just saw it as chocolate. To her. it had magic in it and she was very fortunate to have a mum who made legendary hot chocolate! She now realises that her first Cacao ceremonies were were with mud as a child!


Giulia moved from Italy to Scotland and her quest for knowledge opened and here she began her connection with yoga. Her travels continued and included completing a 200 hour Yoga Teacher training in Kerala, South India. An experience that thought her to live in harmony with herself and her surroundings and to share this knowledge with everyone.


The Universe of course worked its power and through a friend, Giulia found her way to The Cacao Ambassador and to Oonagh. Magic truly happened as Giulia completed the 6 week Emissary program and it was clear to Oonagh that Giulia was not only training to be a Cacao Emissary, she was a true Cacao Ambassador and each time they connect, cacao magic and joy erupt and knowing of great work to come in serving Mama Cacao. Giulia hosts Cacao workshops, circles and will be soon making her own Cacao & Chocolate. Part of her dream is to fully give back be being on the ground in the Solomons with the farming communities.

Giulia is the founder of Rawhiti Self Love.

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Tracy Cartwright

As an intuitive healer and Family Constellations facilitator Tracy is always open to receiving guidance and support from nature and the elements,

She began her journey with Mama cacao during a time in her life when her body and soul were asking for more connection and time. Like many of us, she has had a colourful journey and experienced a lot of PTSD in her early life. But now with Mama Cacao she feels a deeper layer of support for her whole self.

''I am so grateful for the chance encounter and conversation with a soul sister who led me towards Oonagh and The Cacao Ambassador.

After connecting with The Cacao Ambassador I signed up immediately for the one on one with Oonagh's Emissary training and onto becoming an Ambassador. Sharing the bliss and gifts from mama cacao with my friends, clients and community opens my heart even more'.

Tracy will soon start making her own Cacao infusions incorporating her vast expience.

 Oonagh & Tracy are excited to see where this journey will lead together and what else is possible for a wider community to recive the gifts of Mama Cacao. Tracy is the founder of Cosmic Muma.

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Yvonne Teskey

Yvonne lives  in Ireland and her life has crossed paths with Oonagh many times over the last 20yrs in her enquiries  for deeper meaning to life.

Yvonne's passion in life has been to truly and heartfully connect and support others  especially  women . First working as a nurse and midwife, then in holistic therapies, yoga and as a birth doula. More recently opening to Creativity as a visionary  artist of the Sacred Feminine and creative workshop Facilitator.

After the pandemic many ways of being in the world had fallen away and she was seeking what was  the next ?  And then Mama Cacao came calling!.
She hosted Oonagh for a Cacao  activation event and was deeply inspired by its  heartful medicine   and Oonaghs passion and whole vision in the connection from the consumer  back, to the farmers and the trees.

Cacao  has awoken a new vibrancy and  passion for life on every level ,especially  as daily Cacao has significantly  reduced pain from an old knee injury.  
She is excited to support  her community aa a Cacao  Ambassador in Ireland.

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Jordan Ranson

At the core, I am a lover of people, of nature and of Spirit. With a heart for creative expression through movement, art, music & more, I enjoy both the yin & yang of life, and believe in finding order, harmony & balance in all facets of experience to bring true inner peace & enjoyment.


Cacao has been a beautiful healing medicine for me, and has helped the process of opening the heart to deep emotions & experiences. It brings me a greater connection with myself, others & the earth. My dream is a world where cacao is integrated as a key healing medicine for daily use, bringing a high vibration of love & healing to all.


Jenna Joan

Jenna first fell in love with cacao in Costa Rica, drinking tree-to-cup ceremonial cacao and learning "way of cacao" in the Americas with a medicine woman in the Dominical province. With a background in the wellness industry and a wholefoods caterer, she found herself expanding her personal daily ritual involving cacao into becoming a 'Cacao Alchemist’. Inspired to create food as medicine, Jenna now stone-grinds cacao into accessible cacao and chocolate products to bring JOY and UNITY into homes and every-day ritual among the community in Wellington and throughout New Zealand. Jenna also practices as a yoga teacher, ceremony facilitator, and private 'Heart Space' lifestyle coach and weaves the magic of cacao into all of her offerings.


“I have chosen to partner with The Cacao Ambassador and Pacific cacao farming communities because of the impact we can make together and our aligned values. The emphasis on collaboration in the industry and keeping the farming communities at the heart of our ‘work’ means that we can create and serve honest cacao/chocolate that empowers and uplifts our brothers and sisters across the ocean while delivering quality, heart-opening medicine on our own shores. With hearts cracked open by the potency of cacao we are able to connect more deeply to the energy of love and act as ambassadors for all life on this earth.”

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Tina Hussey

On a journey to heal, listen to and trust her inner wisdom, Tina has been working with and in love with cacao for many years. Cacao has been a tool in her personal exploration of self as well as in her work as a body worker, healer and body wisdom therapist.

She shares cacao in her work, in women’s circles and workshops in Tasmania, Australia and loves nothing more than spreading the education and knowledge of cacaos wisdom.

Her hunger for more learning around cacao lead Tina to a podcast that spoke of an Irish born, New Zealand based lady named Oonagh who embodied the very essence of cacao and her ancient wisdom, magic and power. Tina knew straightaway she needed to find this lady! As the universe (and trust in cacao) would have it, Tina found Oonagh and the cacao ambassador.

“I still remember what I felt when listening to Oonagh speak about Cacao, she embodied the very essence of the cacao I so loved. When I first found Oonagh and the cacao ambassador, I immediately knew my life with cacao was about to change. I signed up straight away to the Emissary training and my first call with Oonagh was like connecting with a long lost sister! After the training, Oonagh asked if I would like to travel to the Solomon Islands with her and a group of other cacao lovers. It was a full body Yes from me.

Seeing Oonagh speak amongst the cacao trees, on the ground with local cacao farmers, had a profound effect on my relationship with cacao. All the pieces fell into place and I could feel the embodiment I first felt in Oonagh’s words seep into my cells. My learning, love and connection to cacao deepened.”

After her time in the Solomon Islands, feet deep in the rainforest surrounded by cacao trees, hand in hand with the cacao farmers, Tina now weaves the gifts from the Solomon Island communities, cacao and the love of cacao into her work to help others on their path to personal freedom.

Together with Oonagh and The Cacao Ambassador, Tina will continue to listen to cacaos call and bring more of the gift of cacao to Australia.

Cacao Ambassador Customers

It is often difficult for a company based in NZ to be able to be on the ground in growing communities to ensure their supply of ingredients is ethically sourced and this is where the synergy works with the Cacao Ambassador, as that is our love and skill set.


These are companies who are committed to source their ingredients in an ethical transparent way and have looked to the Cacao Ambassador for Cacao Products.


Our beautiful customer list is coming soon.

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