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POuring out the cacao
Founder oonagh n NZ forest connecting with the medicinal plants

Medicinal Cacao

Our custom crafted 100% Cacao paste is made in Aotearoa, merging local and international Rongoa. Each paste is deeply in tune and potent in what it is offering and is in collaboration with gifted, wisdom keepers, and at the core is always the weaving of Chelita Zainey and the Cacao Ambassador!

We work with Cathliro Solomons and Queen Emma PNG, who produce beautiful potent Cacao nibs for us, from the farmers we work directly with, from sun dried Cacao beans that are under 30 days old. The freshness of the beans are imperative in the active medicine in the Cacao bean. We then create custom blends in Aotearoa. Often its many months of drinking, testing, and evolving our blends before they are available for purchase. Cacao Tokorangi took 9 months of evolution for example. Each paste is unique in how it supports in ones life. Alongside our customised medicinal Cacao, Cathliro craft 100% pure Cacao paste that is designed by the Cacao Ambassador for daily consumption providing all of the profound benefits of pure potent Pacific Cacao!

Heart shaped mug with cacao
Concher full of ground cacao beans into a paste
Chelita Zainey And Dance Scott drinking cacao in nature
Cacao Beans

Cacao Tokorangi

The first of our unique potent medicinal Cacao is Cacao Tokornagi, meaning World Tree. Cacao Tokorangi is the powerful manifestation between Chelita Zainey and the Cacao Ambassador, in deeply listening to what Cacao and the ancient Rongoa of Aotearoa were calling in to bring a new matrix of support to the people.


This blend is the medicine of the people and the way shower and fore runner for two more powerful blends that will be launch in February 2023.

Cacao Tokorangi was birthed on the Summer solistice of December 2021, The first batch was crafted from Solomon Island Cacao nibs, foraged Rongoa from Banks Penninsula. and drank at TeKohanga(Castle Hill). 


We then brought the powerful medicine on a Hikoi through Aotearoa, from the tip of Bluff to the top of Te Rerenga Wairua, Cape Reinga. Along this journey, we foraged for the Rongoa so all of the power and waters of Aotearoa is included in this paste! Cacao Tokorangi is potent and powerful and activated for you with all the love and deep listening and honouring of our ancestors of Cacao and this land. And through this, a 100% Cacao Paste for these times emerged that is for your heart and for a daily sacred Cacao Brew!

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