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Ceremonial Cacao Brew Recipe

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Cacao Elixir Drink

-Take a few deep breaths before you begin the preparation...

-Hold your cacao paste and be with the smell, the sense of touch and even take a nibble, all to help awaken all the senses and support your coming into presence.

-Take a moment to set your intention for this drink and what you would like support with and what questions you would like answered.

-35gs of 100% paste will give an amazing support and opening (personally I like 50gs)

-Warm 150-180 mls of water in your favourite pot until the steam starts to rise

-Add the beautiful cacao paste, take a few deep breathes while the paste melts and then whisk briskly.

-Once the paste has dissolved, stop whisking and allow the elixir to boil rapidly until it thickens(cacao butter emulsifying)..

This is a trick that came directly from Mama Cacao. She shared not to be afraid to allow it to boil, as the cacao butter will emulsify with the liquid and you will have a rich velvet profound drink. The decadence and texture is super important for a full mind, body and spiritual drink and the health benefits wont be compromised if you consciously commune with Cacao as you make the drink.

Sweeten to personal taste with honey/maple syrup/rice syrup. Note: Once you know the desired sweetness, you can then add this amount of sweetener when adding the paste to the liquid.

Enjoy each stage of the making, with mindfulness, breath, intention and presence. Enjoy the smell, the look, the texture and taste as you make, so all you sense help you come into presence.

As a suggestion, find the perfect quite spot, and be with this beautiful drink. Breathing deeply before you take your first sip. And enjoy in your own unique way, recognising the opening and the wakefulness that is created, the support and positivity released, and the sense of courage, joy and possibility.

My morning ritual is to make a flask, and then enjoy her in nature in a beautiful drinking vessel, sharing with the Universe what I am grateful for, what my intentions are for the day to come and and asking questions for what I would love to understand deeper for my growth!

Here is to your own personal Cacao Ritual, that is you, filled with your flavour, originality and deep listening as to what works for you!

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