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Kumara and Cacao Soup

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

This recipe is one of my favourites for making for a Cacao Workshop and is super simple!

Kumara & Cacao go so amazingly together, they are after all from the same origin and know & get each other and together create a blow your socks off culinary experience! Ideally create the day before serving so the flavours can evolve!


2 Large Kumara of any type, peeled and chopped

500mls of filtered water

50gs of coconut oil

Tabsp of either red or yellow Thai curry paste

2 cans of organic coconut cream

80gs of Solomon Pure Cacao Paste

Tsp of maple syrup

Tabsp of Tamari

Salt to seaon


Melt coconut oil, add thai curry paste and Kumara and saute for 60 seconds ish

Add tamari & Cacao paste and stir well until paste is melted

Add water and bring to the boil and then allow to simmer until Kumara is soft

Add tins of coconut cream and stir well

Taste and adjust with salt, more thai curry paste, or a tad more maple syrup

Remove 1/3 and blend what is left in the pot, re-add what was removed to make a chunky heart version. Blend all to make a smooth version.

Note: More water may also need to be added when blending


Our recipes are all about creative play and full enjoyment of Cacao. Pedantic perfection of quantities are not a given(smiling), but permission to adjust & play with is! Make this yours. trust yourself and your creativity!

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