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The Smoothlate for a Positive day! (Hot Chocolate Smoothie)

Updated: May 30, 2022

If you are interested in how a smoothie a day can change ones life, read my blog on Cacao and Mental wellness. Here is the latest way I have discovered how to enjoy a smoothie, given its winter here in NZ. However I have kinda become so very very fond of my daily Smoothlate and drinking a warm smoothie increases the power of the Cacao, She enters our brain faster and enjoying her in this way, also does something magically to my heart!

The recipe: 1 tabsp cacao powder 1/2 frozen banana( Trust us, the frozen banana adds creamyness even though we are serving this hot) 2 tsp spoons chia seeds 2tsps heat treated Maca powder

2 tsps of Hemp seeds 20gs 100% chocolate or the darkest you can get 1/2 tabsp of cacao nibs ( needed for the fat and the extra boost of cacao goodness) 1 tabsp of tahini or Nut butter of choice (again needed for the fat). 1 tabsp of maple syrup or rice syrup Frozen blueberries or berries of choice. 1/2 tsp of hemp oil of flaxseed oil Place all of the above in your blender

Add 250mls of boiling water and blend until thick and creamy.

Drink whilst warm

This can also be made in a pot with nut milk or oat milk and without the frozen banana.

Bring the milk to the boil, add the ingredients and whisk until the chocolate has melted and the mixture has rapidly boiled and is thick and creamy.

It will have some texture, but if you are like me you will love that.

I recommend having a Smoothie potion blend premixed in a jar ready to go for a Smoothlate or Smoothie:


200gs Cacao Powder

100gs Maca Powder

50gs of Chia Seeds

50gs of Cacao Nibs

50gs of Hemp seeds

More than anything what is important in your Smoothlate or Smoothie is to trust yourself! Deeply listen to how much cacao your are drawn to and what other superfood ingredients come across your path that resonate with you! When I have a lot on or a lot of change in my life, I increase the amount of cacao and maca in my Smoothlate. And this is my daily drink. If I am traveling, I bring my Smoothie premix with me and add to drinks when out, sprinkle it over fruit and yogurt in the mornings. But basically, I never go without my cacao potion mix in one form or another daily!

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