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This paste is made from activated cacao nibs, crafted by the Women of the Solomon islands, infused with medicinal quantities of activated Maca powder (only the best from Peru), and formed into a potent powerful cacao paste for daily ceremony and upliftment.


As part of Oonagh's journey, Cacao and Maca supported her after the Christchurch earthquakes when she suffered from PTSD which inlcuded depression and anxiety. READ MORE 


These two superfoods, Cacao & Maca, truly are a powerhouse when crafted pure, for mental upliftment. Oonagh travelled to Peru to spend time with maca to say thank you and at that point knew that one day she would create a potent cacao paste with Cacao & Maca so many could enjoy the powerful synergistic support of these two ancient medicines.


30gs per day is the recommended daily dosage, made as a drink with water. When you purchase your block of this 100% Cacao Paste we will include a recipe.

900gs 100% Cacao Paste with Maca, for positivity and upliftment!


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