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The journey of becoming a Cacao Emissary is life changing, supportive and magical.

Not only will your knowledge of Cacao grow to the sky and to the roots of the Cacao trees, you will be enriched with the connection with Oonagh, and the jewels of Cacao wisdom that will flow your way from over 15 years experience as a Master Chocolatier and from her vast journey with Cacao and with the communities who grow it.


The course includes:


Having over 8 hours of direct connection with Oonagh, two weeks of online training modules, a final 1:1 with Oonagh, an ongoing discount on all Cacao Ambassador products once you have purchased the course and ongoing Cacao Nourishment once the course is completed through monthly zoom calls, participating in the Cacao Emissary Facebook group and reaching out to Oonagh.


The course requires 3/4 hours commitment per week minimum to enjoy and gain the most from it in addition to the direct time spent with Oonagh. The course can be done from anywhere in the world!


The six week break down:

-Week 1: A 2.5 hr 1:1 with Oonagh to open wide all doors of Cacao & Chocolate from the history, to the farmers, to the bean to the paste to chocolate, and to the health benefits in an inspirational and embodied way.

-Week 2: Mindfulness through Cacao. Everything will be magically revealed including how to make your own cacao paste,  cacao face masks, and being with Cacao for presence and enrichment in your life and a profound understanding of chocolate on every level as part of your Cacao journey.

-Week 3 & 4: Spend two weeks Navigating and diving into the Online Cacao & Chocolate Master Class Course which will integrate all learned in week 2, plus a 1:1 meeting with Oonagh each week expanding your knowledge and confidence further.

-Week 5: 1.5 hour online with Oonagh to bring everything together, answer any questions and be inroduced to the final activities which will include tempering chocolate and making your own chocolate and how to hold cacao workshops and ceremonies if so inspired..

-Week 6: Final call will be a 1:1 with Oonagh where you present your vision  and this can be explored in how this can be supported and then completion with a Cacao Ceremony and your certifcate will be posted to you.


NOTE: You will receive a Cacao Mindfulness as part of the course, but will be charged for postage to wherever you are in the world!


Please note: Oonagh will adjust the course to the group, as this is your Cacao journey to become a unique Cacao Emissary!


A profound doorway to Cacao, which Oonagh holds wide open, will be available for you to walk through fully and upon completion your life will never be the same again for Cacao will flow within it fully!


This is life changing for all Cacao and Chocolate lovers.

Oonagh is available to chat with you before your make your decision to purchase if you would like that option. Please email Oonagh directly:

This course is also available to fully book 1:1


This will send you a digital design at first, follow up will then be made post purchase with relevant links, timings etc.

1:1 Online 6 Week Cacao Emissary Program online with Oonagh


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