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Calling all true Cacao & Chocolate Lovers!

This is an opportunity of a life time, to make international Award winning chocolate & 100% Cacao Paste Ceremonial grade, in your own home from the Cacao Bean, 4kgs at a time if you wish! Be one of the first in the world!


This advanced training will take you to the next level. 


Producing world class chocolate guaranteed, because Oonagh's 18 years of vast chocolate and cacao mastery will support you!

The course includes:

- A special Chocolate Stone Concher that makes 4kg's of Chocolate

- Cacao ingredients to make over 5kgs of chocolate (Cacao Nibs, Cacao Butter, Organic raw sugar, 3 vanilla beans)

-1 Kg of Sun dried Beans
-Two polycarbonate European chocolate moulds(a bar mould and a truffle mould)

- Bean to Bar Chocolate Making work sheet to ensure 100% success
- 6 Award Winning Bean to Bar Chocolate Recipes
- Life time discount on raw Cacao ingredients from the Pacific
- Access to the Emissary Facebook Group, so you can learn, share & explore with other Cacao & Chocolate lovers.

- Follow-up Zoom call with Oonagh, four weeks after training completed.


An amazing, life changing opportunity to truly take you love of Cacao & Chocolate to the next Level!!



Note: Photos are of Giulia learning how to make her first Bean to Bar chocolate and 100% Cacao Paste with her own stone grinding concher! This could be you!


Bean to Bar Training, including specialty 4kg Stone Concher


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