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Divine Hot Chocolate

Updated: May 30, 2022

This is all that is needed as a dessert or for breakfast


175mls of milk of choice,

50gs of Dark Chocolate, as dark as possible to get as much of the cacao as possible.

Ideally this is whole bean chocolate, where the bean has not been seperated in cacao butter and cacao powder. You want as much of the cacao butter as possible for flavour and natural thickness.

The butter also carries the health benefits of Cacao into the body.

If you go really dark, use additional sweetner such as maple syrup or honey to taste!

-Chop chocolate

-Heat the milk until steam starts to rise

-Add the chocolate and any additions and whisk

-Then allow the hot chocolate to rapidly bubble

-Stay with this until the moment of alchemy takes place and the hot

chocolate becomes thick. This is truly a wonderful moment.

Find somewhere quite to be with this Divine drink that will nourhsh your heart and soul!

Top with cream or coconut cream

Additional options:

Healthy Additions:

1 Tabsp of Nut Butter of choice


1 tsp of Maca

Add the above into the hot milk with the chocolate and allow to boil

Place in blender and blend until smooth

This is a high protein, Cacao enriched drink that is also decadent

This is what my teenagers drink in the winter, every morning as breakfast.

We brew it up and they drink it on the bus to school, making everyone envious.

Decadent Options

Vanilla paste

And or

High Quality Chilli powder

And or


And for the evenings a dash of:

Baileys / Grand Marnier or your favourite liquer

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