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Teenage Chocolate Shake for Breakfast:

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Recipe of the Month: May 2021

Teenage Chocolate Shake for Breakfast:

Perfect to drink en-route to school

1 frozen Banana

1 Tabsp of organic oats

1 tsp Heat treated Maca Powder

200 mls of milk of choice

Blend all together in a strong blender

Recommended optional extras:

Dried dates to add more sweetness

1 Tabsp of a Nut butter of choice - this adds protein and fat

1/2tsp of Cacao Butter - again this adds fat which allows the goodness in the Cacao powder to enter the body

This is the perfect breakfast as it can be blended and taken in a take away cup and enjoyed en-route to school.

Pre-mixing the smoothie mix is a great idea to make it even faster in the mornings.

cacao smoothie

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