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Cacao and Chocolate Spread

Updated: May 30, 2022

If you or your children love Nutella, but also you know how much sugar is in there and avoid buying it, this spread will answer everyone's daily fix and make your morning toast the best thing since sliced bread!

This is Rumi enjoying the cacao spread with relish, for energy, before the next gaming round, during our current level 4 lock down! And its good for him, with low sugar and the power of cacao, nuts and maca!!


250gs nut butter of choice such as peanut or almond butter

50gs sunflower oil

150gs dark choc 70% full bean chocolate ideally

20gs Maca

30gs cacao nibs

Note if you use 100% cacao paste, then sweetened with honey or maple syrup. If you use maple syrup, reduce the amount of oil.

You can of course make your own nut butter from activated nuts(soaked and dried out in low heat in oven over night), and then blended until smooth.


Melt the chocolate and mix in the oil

Warm up the nut butter slightly over a double boiler, and add the chocolate mixture, the Maca and the cacao nibs.

Place in a container and allow to set.

This is best stored at room temperature, so easily spreadable. A wee hint is - if in winter it goes too hard, take a hair dyer to the top of the paste to warm it up! Honestly when working with chocolate, a hairdryer is a very valuable tool!!!

And of course you could always add a spoonful to your morning porridge, or smoothie!

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