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Avocado Torte with Cacao 5 ways!

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Avocado Torte

Is it even possible to have Cacao 5 different ways? Of course.. In this torte we showcase just how you can use cacao in its purest form in so many ways. This torte is a Super Cacao Torte!

It uses:

1)Cacao Nibs in the Base

2)Cacao Butter in the base

3)100% Cacao paste, in the filling

4)Traditional Cacao powder in the filling

5)Whole fat cacao powder sprinkled on top

You can make all of these ingredients at home from the Cacao bean, including Cacao butter! Check out the page Cacao and all is there and the blog how to enjoy Cacao all day long!

This torte is more then dessert - it is a meal in itself and is so nutritious and contains all the powerful health benefits of cacao. I love making it as its easy and quick once you have the ingredients on hand and it allows one to deep dive into Cacao. When eating it, the heart opens, the taste buds sing and the body simply says 'Thank you'..



2 medium ripe avocados 100gs Cacao powder 150gs Cacao paste melted or the darkest chocolate available 150mls Maple syrup or rice syrup

Add more syrup if would like a sweeter taste

Add some warm water if required

Base 200gs Nut butter of choice

30 gs coconut oil

20gs of Cacao butter (or just use 50gs of coconut oil

20gs cacao nibs

Melt cacao butter and coconut oil

Add in nut butter and nibs

Mix well

Place in a greased pie dish and place in the freezer

Blend all mousse ingredients together in a powerful blender

Remove pie dish from freezer

Spread mouse on top of nut butter base

Dust with whole fat cacao powder or normal cacao powder

Serve with coconut yogurt and stewed berries

The torte will last over a week in the fridge and can even replace breakfast or lunch!

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