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What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

We are often asked what is Ceremonial Cacao.

Oonagh directly asked the Cacao trees, as the Cacao Whisperer she is, and this is what they have shared on behalf of Mama Cacao

As background and as is shared in the history of chocolate, Cacao was used for thousands of years as a sacred precious drink and was often prepared by elders in the village, through the medicine lineage and through the Shamanic lineage. If you visit central and south America you can attend very powerful sacred ceremonies held by Shaman in which Cacao is a key ingredient.

Cacao Ceremonies have now become a popular occurance in the west. Originally they were conducted with Cacao initiated by a Shaman. So what is Ceremonial Cacao today?

Oonagh communed with Mama Cacao through her trees to gain a modern answer for these times This is what came through:

Ceremonial Cacao for the modern Era:

  • Should be made from the whole cacao bean, fermented for ideally 3 days, sun dried or gently roasted at a low heat, the husk removed and then ground into a paste. This paste is 100% the whole cacao bean without any sweetner.

  • For the most powerful opening of heart and spirit, prepare the drink warm and add a natural unrefined sweetner to taste such as honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar.

  • Mama Cacao was clear that the ceremonial paste must be for these times, and be enjoyable. A true pleasure for mind body and spirit. Hence the lightly roasting is fine and adding natural unrefined sweetner (just enough for the senses to awaken even more). It should be a whole sensory awakening!

  • A fundamental aspect is that the source of the Cacao used should support the farmers and their families who grow the cacao. That they too should be consuming the same Cacao to connect every level, and that all benefit in balance and not just part of the supply chain. Your Ceremoinial Cacao should hold the support, upliftment and empowerment of the farmers who grow it in a real way in, balance with your growth.

  • The drink is be made ideally with water and to be drunk warm. The water and warmth is a fundamental aspect for the ceremonial drink being as potent as possible. But She communicated clearly that its also important to be enjoyed and so a plant based milk is also fine. Dairy flatens the power of the drink.

  • Mama Cacao has shared that its not just the actual health properties and the amount for example, of Tryptophan, in the paste, but also the intention and every stage of the processing that is important. When drinking Ceremonial Cacao, how it is grown, crafted and prepared and by whom and their intention is equally important. The temperature it is served at, the purity of the Cacao, the lives of the farmers who have grown it, the minimal influence of commercialism and ego in the supply chain are all fundamental aspects of it being called ceremonial cacao and of the potency in the drink.

  • She also shared that when consumed consciously with a clear intention by the enjoyer, the powers of Cacao are amplified even more. When the enjoyer understands Cacao and has a stronger connection through knowledge of her, again the potency will increase.

Ceremonial Cacao is about Awakening. Mama Cacao supports the heart, connects us to our inner essence, opens us to our higher self, supports courage to take our next steps in life, opens pathways to positivity and to joy and supports mindfulness.

More then anything Mama Cacao would love for everyone to create their own ceremonial cacao. It can be prepared at home from the bean or 100% paste purchased. Just know the source and the lives of all involved to ensure all who have touched it are of good heart and true in intention for Awakening and are cared for.

She shares that today it should be a natural part of our lives, taking the time and space to prepare it at home, drinking it with presence and inviting the support of Her into our lives.

She is for these times. Lean into her, enjoy her, know her support and love.

Ceremonial Cacao is rich in all the powerful health properties of Cacao, and prepared with water and served warm, enjoyed consciously, the powerful mind, body and spiritual aspects are opened even further. However Mama Cacao also wants everyone to know that when enjoying any aspect of Cacao, that is truly grown, sourced and cared for ethically, whether it be the bean, the nibs, or dark chocolate, with presence and intention, her power is available for heart opening, awakening and joy.

Ceremonial Cacao can also be used not just as a drink, but in many many ways. In savoury cooking, desserts, eating chocolate, creating and playing. All will carry her potency when done with mindfulness. She wants us to explore, expand, play and enjoy her power. Ceremonial Cacao is her purest offering for us to live an awake joyful evolutionary life. She invites us to be creative in how we use it daily with presence for her full power to errupt in supporting a joyful life!

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