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The Samoan Cacao & Chocolate Journey

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21st - 27th May 2023

A journey like no other, deep into the heart of Cacao, deep into your heart and deep into the authentic heart of Samoa.

Early Bird $2850 14th of Feb

Full Price $3350 after 14th of Feb

Single room supplement $550

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The retreat
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The retreat

A unique retreat that will inspire the senses, enrich the taste buds, nourish the heart and heal so much by simply being here! It is designed to truly fill your cup not only to the brim but to overflow.


Held in the arms and beauty of Samoa, Mama Cacao & Oonagh, these soft, nurturing, rolling, cacao & chocolate infused 5 days & 6 nights are all that you crave on every level!

Every day begins with early morning gentle yoga, sharing and Cacao

Flow through each day

After breakfast, we set our intention, journal and then we are on our way to all
the magic that awaits that day.

Personal space and relaxation time is built into the program every day. This is a
soft, nourishing, rich journey without effort or time.

Timelessness as we flow through each day, where we will include the gift of Cacao on every level!

NOTE: All photos are taken from our 2019 Samoan Cacao Retreat!

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A taste of what awaits

We have not given too much detail as we wish it to unfold for you, rather just enough information for your to recognise the call to join us!

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Day One – Opening the senses

A morning on a vanilla plantation interwoven with Cacao for your first hug of a Cacao tree. After Cacao, Vanilla is one of the most divine sensual foods.


Learn how it grows, discover its hidden mysteries, and be nourished by Shelley, founder of Viola Villa’s warm hospitality and enormous heart.
Afternoon is a surprise but swimmers will be required!

Evening Dinner and Cacao story time with Oonagh.

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Day Two – Letting Go

A drive through Samoa, celebrating beautiful sights, deep relaxation and
breath work in a hidden ‘locals’ location, and a Cacao Activation in a fale on the beach!

A surprise detour on the way home that too involves swimmers!

Dinner and watching the Movie Chocolat whilst enjoying chocolate!

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Day Three – Deeply with Mama Cacao and Mama Samoa

A full day on Ms Sunshine’s Cacao plantation where your cup will overfloweth not only with Cacao but with love. Floris Niu, guardian of this land, will take you into Cacao, the traditions of Cacao in Samoa, prepare a vegan banquet in true eco style and allow you to disappear amongst the Cacao trees.


The day will be completed with harvesting Cacao pods.. A day spent with Floris will be one of the most magical days of your life, as she weaves story time, legend, truth and opens wider doors into the portal of Cacao, all under her beautiful Cacao trees.


Truly there are no words to describe this day and how Floris will hold you.
Evening dinner off site.

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Day Four – Become a cacao farmer for a day

Travelling further into the life of a Cacao farmer and getting Cacao hands on! Experience how cacao is fermented, sun dried and then dive into making Cacao products in Floris’s kitchen, in traditional style from bean to bar chocolate, Cacao Brews, Face masks and so much more..

Evening dinner off site

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Day Five – Creativity abounds

Introductory chocolate making class and then we visit the largest Samoan morning market to select ingredients to make the wildest most amazing Chocolates ever of your own design, with Oonaghs’s guidance.

Chilli’s, citrus, avocados, cava, tropical fruits, coconuts like you have never tasted before all await your inner creative genius!
We return to the hotel and learn how to temper chocolate and let the magic flow in creating your unique chocolate.

Finale dinner with a local surprise

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Day Six – A new life begins

After our early morning routine and breakfast, we close our circle with love, grace & Cacao and with the magic Oonagh weaves to ensure you have the support to continue your heart Cacao journey.

For anyone wishing to complete the Cacao Emissary Training, there will be an additional workshop 11.00-1.00.

Departure with full hearts, over flowing cups and the support of Mama Cacao for all to come.

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What the retreat includes

Inclusions –

  • 6 Nights Accommodation

  • Breakfast for all days

  • 4 Lunches

  • 4 evening dinners

  • Entry to all activities

  • Boundless Cacao & Chocolate

  • Yoga

  • Cacao Emissary training optional(worth $275)

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Exclusions –

  • Flights

  • Transport to and from the hotel

  • Two evening dinners

  • One lunch

  • Insurance


Once booking is complete we will send out a suggested packing list and actions you need to take such as booking flights, travel insurance and more.

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We will be staying at the Orator hotel, which is the first place Oonagh ever stayed when she visited Samoa. The photographs were taken on Oonagh’s last visit before Covid and we cannot therefore guarantee 100% accuracy as all hotels in the Pacific have been hugely effected by Covid.


So in essence our presence, and this retreat will support local businesses (which is also why we eat off site for two nights), and it's important to have an open heart and flexibility. This is a three star resort where we know the owners and the staff are amazing and so warm.

As this is a boutique retreat, we do not have exclusive use of the space, but will be held beautifully in the space.

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This is a retreat in the Pacific. We will be on island time, merging with local ways. This is a great gift but can take getting used to. There will be adjustments
changes unexpected moments, which for us is part of the beauty and an invitation to let go.

You may experience some tummy challenges or other negative side effects being in the tropics so please do your own research to support yourself as
much as possible. I personally have never experienced this, as I enter the islands as an extension of myself and my second home, but deeply appreciate the adjustment it may or may not acquire.

Do not read this too heavily. If you heart calls you, then come!

It will be my profound honour to host you and hold you in a Cacao growing land that I adore, bringing you deep into the heart of Cacao in the luscious full
way I possible can. This program has been designed over many years of Being in Samoa, Being with Cacao and holding space for beautiful hearts to shine.
Come join us!

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