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Cacao and chocolate mindfulness workshops

NEW - Online Master Course

A love affair with Cacao and Chocolate $220

This online magical Master class course is for all Cacao and Chocolate lovers!

Come with us on this chocolate journey to deepen your connection and appreciation of cacao & chocolate! Immerse yourself and understand the magical ingredient that brings health, wellbeing and happiness. Your life will never be the same again!


Whether it be the history, the mystery, the magic, the how, the mindfulness, the sacredness and secrets never revealed before like how to make your own bean to bar chocolate or ceremonial cacao paste at home, you will awaken a true love affair that will enrich, nourish and bring chocolate & cacao magic into your life in a whole new way.

A fundamental part of the vision for the Cacao Ambassador is education on the power of the Cacao bean for Mind, Body and Spirit, supporting a joyful life.


Joining a workshop whether it be online or in person, is an enriching, uplifting and life changing opportunity.


Oonagh will take you on an extraordinary Cacao journey like no other, from the ancient history, to modern day chocolate. This will open the doors for you to enjoy Cacao as a daily food in a myriad of ways, from the most healthy to the most decadent.


You will leave inspired, refreshed and wonderfully guilt around consuming chocolate will be removed. Instead you will have the wisdom and connection to cacao and chocolate and how you can prepare, enjoy and consume it daily, supporting your life and the cacao farmers.

Cacao Ambassador_colours.png