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A Cacao ceremony that is not a Cacao ceremony


When: Wednesday 24th July 

Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Where: The Cacao Embassy, 169 Ferry Road, Waltham, Christchurch 


Spend a magical evening at the Cacao Embassy and enter the unconditional love that is

Cacao and the support this ancient plant medicine offers for a life of joy.



The ancient history of Cacao and enter the lives of our Pacific Cacao farmers.

How to have Cacao as daily support for a joyful life

How Cacao Supports with mindfulness and mental health

How to make the most luscious Cacao Brew



The direct experience of the gift of this ancient plant medicine as we serve our beautiful

Cacao brews to you, in a way of care love and inspiration.

Two hours that will transform your week and fill your cup with wisdom knowledge

experience and joy


Includes: A Cacao Brew, Divine Chocolate, Cacao Tea and soft easy meditation. 


For booking ( shipping options ) Please ignore and select pick up option <3 


We are so excited to spend this magical evening with you, see you there xx



A Sacred date with Cacao


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