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This blend has been 18 months in the crafting and revealing. A potent and powerful blend to activate the body mind and spirit of the gifts of the masculine as true support in one's life. A blend of PapaNewGuinea Cacao beans, maca, hazelnut, Pekepeke Kiore(Aotearoa Lions Mane mushroom), and imbued with Tānekaha and Akeake. This 100% Cacao Paste with lift your heart, give courage to your life and open so many new possibilities. It is one to deeply lean into as you journey through change. This paste is the mahi of Chelita Zainey, Dane Scott, Oonagh & Libby of the Cacao Ambassador. We have walked for 18 months holding it into creation and now its here for your heart and hands.

900gs The Masculine Tāne Blend


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