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The Cacao Emissary training is an extraordinary way to deepen your connection with Cacao with a group of like hearted Beings and in person with Oonagh, which is a precious gift.


Cacao Emissary Intensive 2 day Training

30th & 31st AUGUST


Have you, or are you:

-Inspired to hold Cacao workshops, activations, circles?

-Keen to learn how to make your own Ceremonial Cacao paste from the cacao beans in your own home?

-Discovering how you can have Cacao every day in an affordable way?

-Wanting to understand deeply and fully the true power of Cacao?

-Want to work with an authentic, directly sourced Cacao, that you personally can connect with the farming community and crafters?

-Wanting to understand every step of how Cacao & Chocolate is made, from the trees to the bar to the cup, including award winning chocolate.

-Drawn to share Mama Cacao in a real way with your family and community?


And you know that Cacao, is a part of your journey, and you want to honour and how work with this Sacred Plant? That you would love all the gaps of knowledge to be closed, and to be empowered in a real way for a unique journey with Cacao, on so many levels? Your unique journey..


All of this and so much more is met by Oonagh in this 2 day intensive. Oonagh's 18 years of being with Cacao, of crafting awarding winning chocolate, of being broken and healed by Cacao, of being with the Cacao farming communities of the Pacific and South America, of being given a mission by Cacao, of creating in the Solomons with the beautiful women unique activated Cacao, is translated into an amazing grounded inspiring heart opening 16 hour intensive done over two days.


The training includes:

-The ancient history of Cacao, Her journey to Europe & how modern day chocolate and Ceremonial Cacao was created

-The medicinal Benefits of Cacao

-The energetic support of Cacao
-How to host a Cacao activation, either a 2 hour or a day workshop

-How Cacao grows, is fermented, sundried and opening a deep connection to the Cacao farming communities of the Pacific

-What is 100% Cacao paste & Ceremonial Cacao

-How to make your own Cacao paste & Chocolate at home from the Cacao bean

-How to temper chocolate

-How to have healthy chocolate

-Empowering in fully entering Cacao on every level so you life is changed in the daily support offered

-Breath work, relaxation, inspiration and an abundance of Cacao

-Tasting & drinking Cacao & Chocolate through the two days

Ultimately you will enter, merge and disappear into Cacao and retrun with you own unique vocie, connection and wisdom of living and Being with Cacao in your own unique way. This is about empowering your journey with Cacao.


Upon completion you will receive:

-A certifcate and be joined into the private facebook group so you can continue your journey with Mama Cacao, Oonagh continually posts updates in the group.

-You will recieve a printed the outline of how to host your own Cacao Activation workshop.

-You will receive a 20% discount to all Cacao Ambassador products going forward

-You will receive a Completion Certificate


Held in Christchurch City  Centre.  

Friday 30th 10.00am -4/5pm

Saturday 31st 10.00am-3/4pm



Please email if you have questions and would like to know more. Many of the above photos were taken from recent Emissary trainings, and here is a testimonial from one of our attendees:


"Oonagh is so beautifully interwoven with the great Spirit of Cacao. I feel honoured to be included amongst her sharing of wisdom to become a Cacao Emissary! Thank you for weaving this beautiful web of Love :: Aroha that great Goddess of Cacao wants to share with the world! Especially Love all the good things that Oonagh is doing for the indigenous farmers, providing education to further their relationship with Cacao! I Love that her mission is to spread joy and abundance of Cacao far and wide! I've been drinking Cacao twice or more times a day since with that much more depth in the whole experience! Thank you Oonagh!"


AUGUST Cacao Emissary Intensive 2 day - in person Training


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