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Introducing our specially crafted Practitioners bar of Cacao Tokorangi for Cacao Abundance to flow through your mahi into your community!


Cacao Tokorangi is 100% Cacao Paste like no other!

It has been activated over 7 months from the summer solistice of 2021, and released on the 2nd of August 2022. These 7 months have ensured the paste is as potent as intended for it is the re-merging of Rongoā Māori and Cacao together as one. It honours these ancients medicines and the wisdom held in the waters of Aotearoa. It is crafted with modern techniques in micro batches for the ultimate inner cacao hug!


This Cacao Paste holds a matrix of Divine support to amplify your hearts true call, your next, your intuition and taking you into the true essence and spirt of Life. It is imbued with the Mauri of Tītoki, Kawakawa, Horopito and Tōtara, and crafted from hand made cacao nibs by the women of the Solomon Islands. It is truly activated with aroha for daily ceremony to deepen your life in an extraodinary way!


The photos are of its journey and honouring of the sacred connection with many hearts who have given unconditionally to its manifestation. Chelita Zainey and Oonagh Browne are the visionaries behind the manifestation of Cacao Tokorangi with the support of many hearts and arms of love.


Cacao Tokorangi has literally travelled to the corners of Aotearoa and all Rongoā is foraged from all over the land. This Cacao Paste is now for you and your journey into your next!

2.5kgs Cacao Tokorangi Practitioners Abundance Bar


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