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An extraordinary Cacao Paste, like no other! This 100% Cacao Paste is imbued with Pūriri, Rose, Raspberry leaf, Vanilla, Wild Cacao and enriched with raspberries, to activate the ancient remembering of the Divine Feminine.

'Her wildness, power, sensuality & humility is activated in this 100% potent Cacao paste. The conscious fusion of heart flavours & plant medicine is amplified by the stone ground Solomon Cacao nibs, to support the feminine cycle, hormones, spirit and vision. This Cacao paste celebrates and supports the inner beauty and journey of Maiden, Mother & Crone.'

The vision of this paste arrived in June 2022, and 9 months later, She said she was ready, ready for your heart and your hands! 

The feedback from those who have been parted of grounding this paste has been astounding.

900gs 100% Cacao Paste The Feminine Wāhine Blend


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